Monday, January 20, 2014

Hollywood doesn't value women, duh

If you don't know anything about how we value women in Hollywood, compare the Best Performance Academy Award Nominees with the Best Picture nominees.

Nominated for Actor/Actress/SuppActor/SuppActress: American Hustle
Nominated for Actor/SuppActor/SuppActress: 12 Years a Slave
Nominated for Actor/SuppActor: Dallas Buyers Club, Wolf of Wall Street
Nominated for Actor/SuppActress: Nebraska
Nominated for SuppActor: Captain Phillips

Nominated for Actress/SuppActress: Blue Jasmine, August Osage County
Nominated for Actress: Gravity, Philomena

Every film nominated (6) for Actor or Supporting Actor was also nominated for Best Picture. Of those, One carried a nomination for Actress and three for Supporting Actress with it.

Of the five films with an Actress nod, two were also recognized for Best Picture - one of which had an aforementioned Best Actor and Supporting Actor nod while the other had neither (but let it be noted Gravity was nominated for 9 Oscars, the second most behind American Hustle's 10 and would have been a shameful omission on that basis).

Of the five films nominated for Supporting Actress, three were nominated for best Picture - one with nods for Actor, one for Actor and Supporting Actor, and one for Actor, Supporting Actor and Actress. None on the actress' own merit while the one movie with just a Supporting Actor nomination was nominated for Picture.

Men solely carried three movies to Best Picture nominations, while women carried one. Two films had an Actor (in one also a Supporting Actor) carry a Supporting Actress to Best Picture nominations. There were zero films in which an Actress carried anyone but herself (Gravity) to a Best Picture nomination.

There are a lot of ways to look at the data; none of them aren't grossly sexist.

For further reading, check out my old thoughts on gender roles in films and how they affect best picture nominations.

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