Saturday, February 19, 2011

So let's kick this blog off.

I'm honestly not entirely sure what to make of it yet. My plan is to pretty much review a myriad of things in my life: movies, books, food and whatever else catches my fancy.

We'll start with movies. More specifically, I'm going to run down a number of the Oscar categories to give a flavor of how I feel about things that a lot of you also have feelings about. I'm planning an entry each for best actress, actor, supporting actor, supporting actress and picture. I'm thinking I'll finish with best picture and throw in a bonus post before encompassing things which I have a little sense for such as best director, screenplay, cinemetography and whatever else I find out I've seen most or all of the nominees. That gives us six posts. The Oscars air on the 27th. That gives me, including today but not the 27th, eight days to get all these articles done. Oh, and I still have three movies to watch for the categories I'm sure to write on. You can pretty much count on a post a day, so bookmark me, add me to your RSS feed or just make me your homepage. Please give me any thoughts you have throughout in the comments. I'd love to not only throw my ideas out to you, but also to learn from the readership I don't yet have.


  1. One down, two to go! We can do it!

  2. Hi Jon,

    Couldn't figure out how to "Comment As" so clicked on anonymous.

    Am sure you blog will be terrific, interesting, fun, etc.

    We're movie buffs; go every weekend. Looking foward to your take on the categories.


  3. Marti, so glad you could figure it out. If you don't have an account with any of the sites listed under the Comment As dropbox, you can do anonymous like you did or use "Name/URL."

    What did you see this weekend? We've been mostly watching on DVD of late, but we did get out to see Biutiful (Best Actor nod) last week. This weekend it's True Grit (yesterday) and probably either Blue Valentine or Rabbit Hole tonight - the only two movies I have yet to see to finish out my review categories.